Birthday Present Update.

My birthday night went really well. Daddy and I dropped off the baby with his parents and went to grab my breakfast pizza for dinner, we got back home and made some drinks and sat at the table eating our deliciousness. I told Daddy I sort of felt like it was my prom night or something, seeing as we had been planning on using this new toy for about two weeks, the pressure and excitement were really on! We talked it out and he helped calm me down about it, we agreed we would take it slow and just see where it goes, If it happens, great, if not, no big deal.( It’s not like we only rented the cock toy. We own it; we could always try again later :p ) After dinner we got comfy (naked) and settled in to watch some porn. (We have recently started purchasing things from Adam and Eve so; I have been getting some free dvds with my purchases! They are mostly vanilla scenes from tons of different movies… We like having the selection though 🙂 ) And I haven’t had any issues with any of their products! I have loved every single one of them.. this one included!)  After a few more sips on our beverages and a few sloppy boob job filled scenes later, Daddy sprawled the blanket on the floor and had me kneel in front of him naked. I was already feeling super excited and when he placed my collar and nipple clamps on, I was full on dripping for him. “That’s my good birthday girl.” And I was done, putty in his hands. I would do anything he asked in that moment. He laid me down on my back, spreading my thighs with his palms as he does. His fingers slipped along my pretty and he smirked at my wetness. I felt him begin to spread me with his fingers, sliding in and circling on my g spot. I really began to get into it. “yes daddy” flowed from my lips over and over again. And suddenly, there it was, the unmistakable feeling of lube being applied to my backside. I squirmed in anticipation. Thinking he was going to try and warm me up, I was surprised to feel him slowly sliding inside both of my holes at the same time. Talk about a sensory overload. I felt everything as if it were amplified 100 percent. As I’ve said before, I love getting fucked in my ass, but to have both of my holes occupied by Daddy and an extension of him? Heavenly! He must have turned on the vibrating portions because I was soon arching my back, which only caused my nipple clams to tug harder against the strain. It was a complete rush of emotions, but all of them wonderful, I wanted more, I wanted to try everything in my power to get more of him inside of me. I began bucking my hips up to meet his thrusts. Each time my hips met his, my vision seemed to blur. It was as if I was so full of my Daddy that I was finally complete. I know that sounds silly, but it’s true. Daddy is my other half. I began to feel him thicken; I knew he was getting close. I had already soaked him, the blanket, and probably the floor with my numerous orgasms. I kept pounding myself on to him. Rolling my hips when I could, grinding up against him. It was very animalistic, I wanted his cum like it was a reward. A piece of him I could keep inside me for a few hours as his juices leaked out of me. But, apparently my earth shattering orgasm that snuck up on me had other plans. I came so hard that I accidentally popped Daddy out of both holes, right as he was starting to finish. He was cumming so hard that he didn’t need any more assistance. He shot load after hot load on my hips, on my little titties, it just kept coming. I was spent, and glowy and super fucking cuddly after that fuck. It was a night I’ll never forget and the best birthday present I’ve had since last year. 😉

All my happy thoughts,


4 thoughts on “Birthday Present Update.

  1. I’ll leave a real response when I’ve calmed down: great writing, but describing that, how could it not be!!!???😅


  2. Oh my gawd! Hot hot hot. I would love to try this. We’ve done DP before with toys, with Michael in my bottom and a toy in my kitty, but most of the time the toy ends up being dropped or forgotten. I can’t imagine how it feels to have them both thrusting in at the same time, same tempo, same strength. I imagine I’d be a floaty, quivering, sweetly sore mess after it was all over. I’d also be bugging the snot out of Daddy to play with that toy again and again and again! lol And by the way, Belated Happy Birthday!!


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