Memorial Day. I’ll certainly remember this one.

Where to start…
Daddy had me bake on top of him the other day. I know that sounds silly to some of you. So, In other words, I got to ride daddies big cock while taking hits off my pipe and shot gunning them into his mouth. He had me take 4 big hits and share them with him. I was soaring by the end. I’ll do a threesome with Mary Jane and Daddy any day! 🙂 That’s probably the only three some we’ll ever do again. THEY NEVER TURN OUT THE WAY YOU THINK THEY WILL. But that’s Just my personal opinion.

Oh! We had another session and Daddy got me all nice and warmed up for him on the couch in the living room, but I wanted to play a bit, so I got up and went to the bedroom to retrieve some of our toys. I wanted to find his blue cock ring, but could only find the other 3. So I brought all of those out, I didn’t know which one he would want! I wanted to cover all my bases! : ) I picked up a tube of lube and my pink vibe and headed back out to the living room. Daddy smirked at my offerings and had me lay back on the couch, my legs spread and my ankles resting on his shoulders. He began by slipping on his cock ring of choice and then proceeded to play with my clit and my pretty with the vibe. He alternated the vibration patterns on me and got me to squirt 3 times before he finally just let the toy pulse inside of me. The diamond power button glinting up at me each time my pussy quivered. I felt just like a princess wearing her sparkly tiara! I watched Daddy get himself all lubed up and cocked my hips up higher for him. “what do you want baby?” “well since you’re all lubed up, you might as well put it in my ass daddy.” That earned me a smile and almost immediate gratification. He pushed in slow, letting me feel him spread me apart. Letting me get used to the size of him and then once I was all hot and ready, he began fucking me. I fucked myself with the vibe while he pounded into me, and right as I felt my orgasm start to build, I popped the vibe out of my pretty and put it square on my clit. I was in heaven! The edges of my vision were white and frosty after that orgasm. But Daddy had more to give me, so I kept my little vibe on my clit and rode another 4 shocking orgasms out before he was ready to cum. He grabbed my hips and shoved himself as deep as he could in my tight little ass, draining his load into me. This angle forced the vibe down on me even harder which cause me to whimper, “oh fuck Daddy, please, please don’t move.” He let me ride it out as I rocked myself against him again and again. Then we were both spent. It took a good 15 minutes for either one of us to even move after we were done. We just lay there, our souls refusing to unmesh. It was beautiful.



Since it’s the muggy season again, all the buggies are out and on a mission to bite everyone they can. I get welts after I get bitten, and daddy decided to take care of that for me. He bought me anti itch medicine.  Want to know The best part?! It’s the kids version!! : )
Daddy has been more open about our relationship lately, he wrote on my dirty window, BABY GIRL LOVES DADDY. I’ve been driving around with the cheesiest smile on my face. He also spray painted. “Baby Girl” on one of our garage walls with a giant heart and an arrow through it. *sigh* he’s the fucking best. I am so lucky and happy to be his.



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