Thoughts, Thoughts, Thoughts…

Some days I miss having Daddy all to myself. I miss being able to come home from work and not have to worry about dinner or kids or the messy house or laundry…

I would love for a weekend alone with him. To have a day where I can be able to lounge around in my knee high socks and cute little panties and not have to wear a shirt. I want to be able to grab him between his thighs whenever I want and be able to have him tease me whenever he wishes. *sigh* Not that we don’t have awesome play time together now, but, I just miss the timing being more spontaneous.

I’m excited that by the time my youngest is 18, I’ll only be 45 and then I will have my Daddy time back! We are planning on a tropical vacation sometime that year, to celebrate our awesome parenting skills and to relax and get back some US time! Bora Bora I hear is nice. It would be a ton of fun to fuck like bunnies in one of those over the water huts…. Hmm. Ideas to ponder! 🙂


All my happy thoughts,


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