playing with my toys.

Daddy tried out our new toys on me this weekend!
It was a night full of surprises and lots of ‘shh, you’re okay baby girl’ and ‘good girl’. Our bed was drenched! I have bruises from his grip and he’s got a few bite marks of his own. It’s so hard to remember what all took place but I was certainly in ‘sub space’ while it went down.  I learned I love DB. Daddy plugged my bottom with our new anal probe, it took lots of lube and coaxing, but he finally got it all the way in. Then he was playing with my new 10 speed vibe. Clicking it on and off while it was inside my pretty, sliding it out to tickle my clit… IT WAS AMAZING!! I am getting wet just remembering it all.

Daddy took such good care of me. Then he slipped on his new cock ring and was instantly rock hard and budging. I am pretty sure he fucked me for an hour or more… I was sore and tender all day the next day, but that didn’t stop us from going at it again! I love my daddy so much, and I am so proud to be his. I wore my collar proud all night and cuddled up nice and close. I can’t wait for it to happen again soon!


All my happy thoughts,


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