I think I have a problem. I love to play with myself. I have a pink vibe that I adore to put right on my clit and go to town. Daddy knows I play, but I doubt he knows how often.

Today on my lunch break I ran home and plopped my happy butt on the chaise lounge with my little bff and turned her on. Oh, the vibrations really got me going today. I don’t know if anyone has really ever gone into the differences in orgasms that us lucky girls can have… but the clitoral orgasm has got to be one of my favorites. The feeling of the buildup, almost like I can feel the blood rushing to fill the area, pulsing along with the vibe is… spectacular. And then, the release! It’s like all of my nerve endings start having muscle spasms. It feels so incredible!! This goes on for a few seconds to a minute, it really depends on how hard I’m pressing the vibe to my clit. Of course, one is never enough, I like to keep the vibe going as I’m winding down and waiting there until it starts all over again.. I’m always soaking wet after I’m done. If I have enough guaranteed alone time, I’ll take my rubber didlo and shove it inside while I vibe myself silly. It’s the best me time I can think of. Some girls love chocolate and wine, but me… give me my vibe and I’ll be refreshed and ready to go in no time at all. It’s like a mini vacation every time I go down on myself! I’ve gotten so good at this, that I can get off at least 5 times in a matter of 10 minutes.

I’ve been masturbating this way since I started discovering myself. Fingering my pretty is fun and all, but Daddy does that so much better and I’m a much bigger fan of laying back and letting my bff do the hard work. I am a very visual person, but I’m not a big fan of watching porn. Reading sex stories though, that is my jam. I love to read short little stories to get my imagination rolling while I’m getting off. Sometimes though, it’s fun to make up stories of my own. I’ve written a few, maybe someday I’ll post them on here! That might be fun! Then my readers can use their imaginations to get themselves off too!

I suppose I better stop thinking about all this naughty stuff and hope my swollen little clitty calms down and goes back to normal before my inspection tonight after work. Otherwise, this little will have some explaining to do!


All my happy thoughts,


4 thoughts on “Problem?

  1. Oh the age old worry of “am I wanking too much?”
    The answer is no, and all the research (who ever the lucky sods are who get to do all this research) points towards it being incredibly healthy. That’s why I feel I MUST masturbate several times a day to maintain my general health (thats my excuse anyway). Lol

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