We haven’t played hard lately, nothing really that edgy to post about. .. We’ve been spending a lot of time bonding. Valentine’s Day was nice, we got out of the house on a date (without the kiddos!) we went to a movie and out to a bar afterwards. Dead Pool was great!  I highly recommend it… highly.  Daddy and I ate greasy food and drank beer, and played some pool. He won.. We used to play in his parents basement, we would play for ‘minutes’. Minutes of oral that is! Each ball counted for two minutes. Each ball of yours left on the table, would earn the winner that many minutes of downtown action. Oh, how much fun it was! Daddy always won those games too. I really didn’t mind losing though. 😉

Vanilla loving is still fucking sexy. I love it hard and fast as much as I love it sweet and slow. I feel my orgasms building up more when we slow it down, and when it’s quick and hard, I don’t have time to think. I adore it both ways; it’s how we feel connected to each other on another level, in our own little universe. Daddy still gives me butterflies, just by looking in my eyes….

I did get bent over the edge of the bed and got his cock shoved in my pretty yesterday morning before work. It was a quick little rendezvous, but it was super nice and I was dripping with reminders of him all day long…. Maybe this weekend we’ll get some time to play hard ball again. Either way, I’ll keep you posted.


All my happy thoughts,


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