.Texting Mayhem.

So, apparently, I need to work on my wording while texting Daddy.  I was thanking him kindly for the good morning loving. I said ‘thanks for the amazing g spot fuck this morning by the way. Your dick was right on the money. I miss your morning wood sometimes.’ To which I corrected ‘ most times’*

Which, earned me a reply of ‘I miss your morning wood, would have been better.’

I replied (before I realized what I was getting myself into) ‘lol, sorry got slammed at work and had to finish quick. I love your dick all the time! (smiley face)’

After a few minutes I get my reply ‘ Most times anyway… Daddy will settle this matter when you get home.’


EEEEEEEKKKK! I Knew I was in trouble then. I was instantly wet with anticipation. My afternoon at work went far south after that, it was so busy and I had a migraine and I texted him, begging him to take me away. Being such a good man, he replies ‘Tell daddy what you need.’ I melted right there, into a huge puddle. He did everything I needed. Uh, he’s amazing! 🙂 I had text him and thanked him again for everything and told him he doesn’t always have to cater to my crabby ass.

‘Anything for that little ass.’ That, was the reply I received… By the time I got home, I had all but forgotten about my texting fiasco. I was just so happy to be home with my kiddos and Daddy. After I got my hugs, it was time for my inspection. We went to the bedroom and Daddy slipped off my shirt and bra, pulled down my work pants, and admired me in my black and white striped panties. He kissed my tummy and spun me around to admire my back side. He always makes such appreciative sounds when he inspects me… I adore it. So Much. After my little inspection was done I was facing away from him, pulling out my comfy leggings and shirt out of the closet for the night. I heard him set something down on our dresser and turned around to see what it might be. It was my butt plug. My eyes went wide. Before I even had a chance to ask, he smirked at my reaction. ‘This is your punishment baby, wear it for me. Just for an hour.’ And with that, he left the room.

We haven’t ever really played with my butt plug like this! It’s nothing huge by any means, it’s just a cute, little, pink silicone spade. But, I can certainly tell when it’s there. I took my time changing my clothes and then picked up it up off the dresser. I worked it in after taking necessary precautions and was surprised at how easy it slipped into place. It didn’t make too much of difference in how I felt until I started walking around the house, up and down the stairs! It was a constant reminder of my Daddy and that he wanted it there. I was dripping wet by the hours end. It was like a steady buildup. I didn’t admit it (because he already knew) but, I enjoyed that punishment more than I should have.

I think I might see if we can play with my little pink friend more. It is different than I remember. Maybe it’s because it’s just a sweet reminder, just subtly letting me know it’s there… making me think about Daddy with every step I take. Not that I don’t already!


That’s all for now my lovelies,

All my happy thoughts,


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