!Exclamation Points!

Both kiddos woke up SUPER early this morning. That typically means they are due for an early night!

That means, this girl might get some DADDY TIME to herself!!

Collar, cock ring, ropes, paddle and Daddy’s hand… oh boy… I sure hope they fall asleep hard on the way home in the car! Maybe I’ll be extra sassy, get my spank number up a bit higher… I stuck my tongue out at him last night (playfully) and he politely added one more. I’m up to 12 now.

I doubt I’ll get them as hard as he’s making them out to be, but even a playful Daddy is better than one who isn’t interested in spanking me at all.

Better go get pretty, (and my pretty) ready for Daddy! Eeeep, can’t barely contain my excitement!

I’ll let you know how the night goes!

Send me some happy thoughts lovelies!

All mine to yours,


P.s. sorry for the excessive use of exclamation points in this entry, I’ll try to tone it down next time! 😀


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