Inspections and Gratitude.

As I have mentioned in a previous post, my Daddy ‘inspects’ me every day when I get home from work. He helps me strip off my work clothes and touches and gazes upon whatever he would like to. At first when this new rule came into play, I was a bit nervous about it. In my head, I was imagining him bending me over our bed and inspecting every inch of me! Can you imagine the time that would take if that were the case?!  The rule is “I’ll inspect you when you get changed out of your work clothes, If I’m not home yet, you can ask me if you can change first, if I say no, then you will wait.” He’s only not been home before me once since we implemented this change. And yes, I waited to change until he got home.

The notions of these inspections were of course, sexual in nature to me at first. That’s how my brain works. No sense trying to deny it. I got excited knowing that Daddy wanted to look at every inch of his baby girl every day. Who wouldn’t want to have that waiting for them at home? That certainly makes holding out for the days end a bit better! To be honest, I’ve yet to be bent over the bed and have him inspect me that closely. It’s usually pretty PG, with the exception of a gentle pat on my pretty when we’re done. It’s not so much strictly a sexual act anymore though. Sure, my heart still races when he pulls off my top. When his fingers run down the length of my stomach and rest on my hips, of course, my breath catches in my throat. My eyes flutter shut as he gently kisses me on my hip bones and then on each cheek of my tushy. But, it’s also a moment of reconnecting for us. After being apart for the day, it’s wonderful to just have a quiet moment of skin to skin with him. To be able to chat about our day and touch and be alone, it’s… just… nice. I genuinely look forward to it. It’s a regular part of my routine now. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I feel like a lot of the times, we as humans, take advantage of our situations, our relationships… our lives. I’m grateful for the opportunity this blog gives me, to take a step back, and to really delve into my thoughts on my actions. I’m grateful to have readers and to have humans who understand where I’m coming from to connect with. I’m learning that every relationship is different, not all DD/Lg are the same, and not all D/S relationships need to conform to a strict regimen. I’m grateful to have gained this perspective and am grateful for the ability to continue to learn and grow into a better version of me.

All my happy thoughts!


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