Daddy and I have matching tattoos. He has a crown and so do I. We put them on the middle fingers of our left hands. We were going to do our ring fingers, but I love wearing my ring and didn’t want to cover my tattoo.

He is my King. I am his Queen.

Even if I am a little, we still rule our domain together, as a team. And even though we are exact opposites of each other; we complement one another quite well.

He has always portrayed dominance, everyone who knows him, knows that it is his way or the highway. Unless, you know how to talk to him, unless you know the right time to make your move, it’s pretty much love me or leave me with him.

We found each other. I felt connected to him the moment we met. I know, it sounds cliche, but sometimes, I really think, if you get the right vibes, you’ll just fucking know it. He is my spark. He saved me from myself and I will forever be grateful.

I fell in love him, more than I had known I could love another human before. He taught me true love and passion in a way that I never knew existed.

I am beyond thrilled that we have found a lifestyle to help me prove to him, the trust I have in him. The confidence I have, that he is what I need to survive. He will take care of me. He is my King. And he knows that I will take care of him. I am his Queen.

We are inked together, heart, mind and skin.



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