It’s been days… It feels like forever. Daddy and both kiddos have been sick and tired, and that in turn causes crabby boys. Which makes Mama me stress out, want to comfort, and take care of everything. But, it also makes the Little in me crabby and makes me subconsiously act out to try and get attention. Tie all that in with weaning from the breast pump and having massive mom guilt for ‘quitting’ – this girl needs some serious loving or rough sex to say the least.

Daddy bent me over our deep freeze last weekend and spanked me good. I am finding it keeps me centered if I’m over thinking things. He takes such good care of me. But, we haven’t had a chance to be ‘ourselfs’ since last sunday, and it causes both of us to become irritated. I love my kids, I just want my Daddy time too.

Hopefully these icky sicky bugs will dissipate quickly, and we can get back to our normal routine of keeping Daddy drained and my holes filled.

All my happy thoughts,


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