Daddy bent me over the back of the couch and pumped himself into my dripping pussy a few times. My breasts ached to be touched and my breathing was quickened as I imagined what he had planned for me. I let a moan slip out as his tip dragged along my g-spot. Oh, Daddy knew just where to stroke me. He thrust into me again and then pulled out so quick I’m sure I was left gaping for the moment it took my little cunt to realize it was empty.  He tossed me gently off the couch and pointed to the floor. I nodded and quickly positioned myself into a kneeling position. I loved kneeling in front of him, I loved looking up at him, in all his rock hard glory. I let my jaw drop open, hoping that he would fuck my mouth. My mouth was watering at just the thought of it. He didn’t disappoint. His tip slipped past my lips and I greedily sucked him all the way to the hilt. I know it’s not advisable to deep throat right away, but sometimes I can’t help myself. This bold move earned me a grip to my hair, and a groan from my Daddy. This only proved to encourage me to do more. I licked and sucked him, in and out, flicking my tongue across the underside of his tip. Treating it like my favorite flavor of lollipop. I adore causing my daddy to swear while I’m sucking him; it means I’m doing a good job.  It also serves to get me super fucking wet.

He pulled my mouth off of him with a yank on my hair and motioned for me to lay down on my back. Legs spread. My heartbeat sped up, I felt my pussy clench in anticipation. Daddy had other plans. My eyes were closed in anticipation of my little girl pussy being filled, but then I felt the familiar coolness of lube on my tushy hole. Oh, yes, please daddy. I love when you fuck my ass. My brain was screaming, but I knew better, I kept my mouth shut and raised my hips to give him better access. “Good Girl.” I about came right then. Hearing that from my Daddy is better than any drug I can think of. I reached down and spread my cheeks as his fingers slipped inside. One, then two, then more lube. He pushed the tip in gently. It stung. I bit back a hiss. ”What do you want baby?” Daddy cooed.  I wanted to feel all of him in me. My brain couldn’t get the words to my mouth. Too many neurons firing, there were  to many emotions happening at once. ‘More lube, please Daddy.’ Again, my Daddy didn’t disappoint. He put a generous amount around my rim and on the rest of his shaft, pulled out a bit, and then, ever so gently, slid all the way in. I gasped. I arched my back. It felt so good after his second pump up my ass. I wanted more. I moaned, ‘Daddy, Please fuck my ass. It feels so good.’ He sped up, thrusting in and out, my hips rocking to meet his. I could feel it every time his cock throbbed. I love it up my ass because it’s so sensitive, it’s so tight. I can feel everything. ‘Please…don’t… stop.’ I managed to whisper as my eyes rolled back. ‘Baby, if I don’t slow down, I’m going to cum.’ He grunted. ‘Me too.’ I whimpered back. And when he finished, shooting load after load deep in my ass, I came so hard. I felt like I was floating. I felt him soften and twitching, and he finally pulled out after another round of shocks rocked through me.  He kissed me on the forehead and ran his finger down my cheek. We got cleaned up and went back upstairs and crawled into bed.  The next few days, I felt so connected to him. I wanted to cuddle him every chance I got. I told him how much he means to me, how happy he makes me. How much I adore him.

Sometimes, a good fuck up the butt is all you need to reorganize your crazy, hectic, big girl thoughts.

Daddy can fuck my thoughts away anytime he wants.


All my happy thoughts,


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