A little backstory..

Since kiddo#2 is 9 months old, and he never liked my boobs, I’m an exclusive pumper. Meaning I only pump, never breast feed. I’m an over producer and make a TON of milk. I’m in the process of weaning; I’m down to only pumping 3 times a day now! I’m hoping to be completely done by the time his first birthday rolls around. Fingers crossed. 🙂

Now onto the good stuff…

Here’s something I haven’t confessed before… Kiddo isn’t the only the one who likes my milk.  >.<
Daddy started off by drinking a few ounces in his protein shakes, it’s apparently really good for building muscles. He told me he liked it, it was sweet and we had such an excess it didn’t matter at all. I secretly found it kind of hot to watch him drink my liquid gold. It made me feel like I was making something special for him too.

One night we were having our usual fun downstairs, I was a bit more intoxicated than I had planned to be and was getting my girls more involved with our activities than normal. I would pull on daddy’s head and get him to suck on my nipples and ask him nicely to rub me and grab me. He happily obliged. I ended up having a letdown while he was buried deep inside of me. We were both cumming together and I was dripping milk everywhere. It. Was. So. Sexy.  Daddy helped me clean up by licking me dry, his mouth making its way to one of my pink, puckered nipple. He began to suck. I was in ecstasy. I watched with glazed eyes as his jaw and lips worked me. He was milking me right into his mouth and I was butter in his hands. He drained me and moved on to the next one. I didn’t have time to process, I felt him harden again against my thigh and I with one swift move he was back inside me. There was something about losing so much control that I was dripping everywhere for him, that he could make me that relaxed and excited at the same time, that made me cum all over again.

I let him know how good I felt after we were done, and then we didn’t really have much milk play time after that for a while. A few weeks later we were scrolling through Tumblr one night together, I had been searching for some sexy milky ladies and wanted to show him some of the gif’s I had found.

He liked them too.

I ended up straddling him on the couch, my top and bra pushed under my breasts. Pushing them up, nice and perky like Daddy likes. He started rubbing them and coaxing my milk out. He got one to squirt into his face and that was it. They were his. One steam after another shot out of my nipples, warm, creamy milk was going everywhere. We were soaked by the time we finally made it downstairs. Daddy kept milking me and drenching his face and his chest… it was beautiful and filled me with such pride to be able to make him so happy. When he finally popped himself in me, it didn’t take long for either of us to finish. Me, multiple times, squirting all over his thick cock. (Oh yeah, I’m a squirter.)

We had quite the mess to clean up the next day, but the experience was so worth it.

I loved being daddies little milk maid. I’d gladly do it again. I’ll be whatever my daddy wants me to be.

All my happy thoughts,


4 thoughts on “Milk

  1. Hi Paisley, I saw an interview on TV a few days ago with a couple who’d started doing the same thing as you two: and it seemed to be relatively big news (I live in Italy, but this was on English-language Sky). I can’t believe it’s hardly been done before: it sounds wonderfully bonding and incredibly erotic – and girl, you’re such a good writer!!
    Take care,


  2. I couldn’t wait to read this! So hot! It’s hard for some to wrap their brains around how intimate and erotic ABF can be. I’m glad to have found another milk sister🍼🍼🍼

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