Presents, punishments and Paisley

I was made to wear my Ben wa balls yesterday, all day. Yes, all day.

We went shopping at the mall, we took our kiddo#2 with in the stroller. Kiddo#1 was with his mom. Daddy made sure to keep up a fairly quick pace, making me have to work harder to keep the balls in place. Every time I would lag behind him, he’d look back with a smirk. ‘ You coming baby?’ to which my cheeks would immediately redden and I’d pick up my pace to catch back up while trying not to moan, as the balls worked their magic on my tight lower muscles. Oh, how wet I was by the time we got home.

But first, Daddy said he needed to pick up a few things to meet the budget he had picked for my christmas presents. I followed him gingerly as he made the path to the store of his choice. We found ourselfs outside of a spencers gift store. I hadn’t been in one since high school, and daddy and I had fun browsing the store together. Then, we found the back corner. Dildos, cock rings, paddles, whips, vibrators, lubes, cuffs… All sorts of toys! My eyes went wide. Daddy plucked a package off a rack and handed it to me. It was a black leather collar, a hook at the front with thin silver chains attached to alligator adjustable nipple clamps. I almost came right on the spot. ‘Do you like it baby?’

‘oh, yes Daddy.’ I whispered.

He smiled and then picked out a leather lined pink paddle embezled with xoxo. Then, I got to pick a flavored lube. I went with blue rasperry. 🙂

I got my spankings, it wasn’t all at once, daddy spread them out throughout the day. A couple hard ones here, a couple hard ones there, and then after baby went down for his nap, I got my tushy paddled and spanked a full 9 times. I have marks today to prove it. I was dripping by the time he finally pulled my Ben wa balls out. He used the silver chains from my collar to lift up my breasts with my nipples clamped, I was on all fours. Each time he pulled a chain, my pussy would clench with his fingers buried deep inside it. All my neurons were firing, I couldn’t keep one thought separate from another, all I knew was I wanted to finish him, I wanted To make daddy feel this good too. He finally slid his cock ringed erection inside of me and I couldn’t help myself, I came all over him, again and again. He let me buck back against him, rolling my hips, looking back at him as he entered me and stroked my g spot over and over. It was… Heavenly.

Afterwards, we showered together, and I, of course, being the good girl I am, sucked him off until he finished by spraying his daddy juice all over my face and wet breasts. We spent the rest of the evening cuddling, watching shows and playing with the kiddo.

Sunday Funday, most def.

Sending all my happy thoughts,


One thought on “Presents, punishments and Paisley

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun!! And I bet with those ben-wah balls distracting you, you didn’t even mind the holiday crowds at the mall. LOL Man, I haven’t been in a Spencers in years. Brings back memories of stealing sneak peeks at all the naughty stuff when I was a kid, much to my mother’s horror. LOL

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