Crimes and punishments

As my Daddy and I are new to this semi dd/lg bdsm sort of life, my punishments /rules are pretty much nonexistent. Sure, I’ll get swatted across my hiney or a light tap across my cheek (I enjoy it, please don’t think bad of me nor my hubby) if I’m being bratty, but, I have yet to be brought to tears, or me having to beg him to ‘stop’.

I had a dream about it after stumbling across some new blogs and tumblr pages… (My brain absorbs a lot.)
It was so… Freeing.  To be punished for not behaving. To be made to cry out for Daddy to stop. To promise to behave. He did stop, after he informed me my tush was his favorite shade of red. He kissed my sir spots tenderly, comforted me. We of course ended up with his big cock in my mouth, and him whispering what a good girl I am… *sigh* it was a lovely dream. And, I’m positive I would certainly be a better behaved babygirl after an episode like that.

Tomorrow may be my first actual punishment spanking. Daddy has been adding them up all week. I’m excited and nervous. I’m more into this whole ordeal than he is. I don’t want him to worry that he is hurting me. I just want him to get lost in the moment of being my daddy and taking care of his babygirl.. I’ll be keeping you posted.

I’m already wet just thinking about it.

All my happy thoughts to you and yours,


4 thoughts on “Crimes and punishments

  1. Paisley,

    Might I suggest setting an agreed upon safeword before the punishment. That way he’ll relax more and won’t have to worry about the “Oh god I’m hurting her” doubts that invariably plague new Dominants; and you are still free to let the “OW Daddy! No no no”‘s fly.

    It’s common in D/s relationships, but it can work really well for the beginners, especially DD/lg couples. It adds a safety net and allows a new Daddy/Dom to relax and just worry about firing up a naughty little bottom.

    Some use a traffic light system to check with. Green = Keep going just like that, Yellow = Don’t stop but back off a bit cuz it’s getting too intense, Red = Stop immediately.

    Even after all these years, Daddy and I have modified ours so that there is no Green or Yellow, just Red and our rule is: No Safeword = Keep going.

    Nice dream by the way!!


    1. Oh yes! We have one, but sometimes I think daddy still gets worried about it. He says he thinks I’ll try to take more than I can handle. I’m a bit stubborn and unforgiving of myself when I mess up. πŸ™‚ things I’m working on. πŸ™‚ we shall see how it goes! I love this little adventure we are on. Its so Freeing to be myself, without judgements. Its my jam, he’s my peanut butter. We make an incredible sandwich.

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