Popping my cherry

So, hello world. 🙂 I’m going by the name Paisley. I love the name because paisleys are pretty and dainty. And because they are made up of a bunch of little things that form to make something big, whole and beautiful! I feel like I can relate to paisleys pretty well.

I’m new to blogging on the regular. I used to fiddle a bit in high school…. I’ve always loved to write. I was even published once for my poetry.

I’m 26, almost 27! I’m more than happily married for almost 6 years to the man of my dreams. We have 2 boy kiddos. 8 (My lovely, helpful, creative, wonderfully loving and caring step-son) and 9 months. (our beautiful co-creation) Nowhere close to being empty nesters. I love my life.

After kiddo 2 was born, hubby and I were more comfortable with each other… I think that comes naturally in good, hard working relationships… We began (me more at first) opening up about what we really might like to try. Its been a crazy fun ride so far, and we are both learning so much about ourselfs!

I call him my Daddy, and I’m his Baby girl. We are both new to this, just discovering how it fits. I feel like I’m more attached to it than he is… But again, we are both learning and growing in these discoveries together. I love my daddy with all my heart. I love what we have. I’m very happy to be his.



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